Organic biodegradable Yarra Valley Tea pyramids

Organic biodegradable Yarra Valley Tea pyramids

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Aunt Myrtle: A delightful mid-morning comforter or late afternoon pick-me-up! Add a teaspoon of honey for a sweet lemony delight! (INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Lemon Myrtle, Green Tea.)


Think Straight: An ideal alternative to coffee, this formulation nourishes the nervous system and assists in concentration. It’s perfect as a refreshing iced tea also!

(INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Lemongrass, Lemon Balm, Yerba Maté and Lemon Verbena.)


Liven Up: Liven Up is a combination of Licorice root, Yerba Maté, Spearmint and Star Anise hand blended to produce a perfect marriage of sweet energy; this blend can be rebrewed several times if desired. (INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Licorice Root, Yerba Mate, Spearmint and Star Anise.)


Relax: A gentle and calming blend that encourages rest and peaceful pursuits when all around is unbalanced and stressful.

(INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic: Spearmint, Chamomile, Linden, Lemon Balm & Cornflower)


English Breakfast: English Breakfast is a very proper tea indeed! Kemun, Assam and Ceylonese FOP [Flowery Open Pekoe] leaves, hand plucked to produce a strong flavoured but smooth tea of noted subtle tannins and long, fresh aromas.

(INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Ceylonese English Breakfast FOP Tea.)


Funky Chai:  Award winning Funky Chai , prized by the finest cafes and restaurants throughout Australia, is a culmination of exotic spices hand blended with Ceylonese Black OP1 tea to create a svelte, aromatic delight that can be drunk zealous and black or simmered in milk to create an authentic chai latte.

(INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Ceylonese Black OP1 Tea, Whole Cardamom, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Clove.)